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Symbol Change - Merge / Rename Symbol in Amibroker
AmiCharting, Fri May 08 2015, 06:58PM

Merge data of symbol "NEWSYMBOL" with data of symbol "OLDSYMBOL"

Suppose a security changed its symbol from OLDSYMBOL to NEWSYMBOL few days back. Now both new and old symbols are existing in database, but they are showing separate charts. In this scenario, to get continuous chart in Amibroker for NEWSYMBOL with data of OLDSYMBOL, the NEWSYMBOL should be merged with the OLDSYMBOL. Lets see how to do symbol merging in Amibroker.

  • Select the new symbol NEWSYMBOL in Amibroker chart.

  • Now go to Menu > Symbols > Merge.

  • You can see NEWSYMBOL next to Destination in Merge quotes dialog box.

  • Select OLDSYMBOL from the drop-down list next to 'merge with'.

  • Select check boxes for 'Overwrite Duplicate quotes' and 'Delete merge with security afterwords' as checked.

  • Leave 'Assign as Alias name' unchecked.

  • Click OK.

  • Save database at Menu > File > Save Database.


Now all data of OLDSYMBOL is merged with NEWSYMBOL and OLDSYMBOL is removed from the database.

Re: Symbol Change - Merge / Rename Symbol in Amibroker
AmiCharting, Fri May 08 2015, 07:01PM

Rename a symbol in Amibroker.

A security changes its symbol name to a new symbol. The new symbol is not added into the database yet. In this scenario, We do rename the symbol in Amibroker.

  • select the old symbol chart in Amibroker chart.

  • Click 'Infromation' under 'Symbol' menu in Main menu (Main Menu > Symbol > Information)

  • Information window will be seen on the left panel of Amibroker.

  • Edit symbol name to the new symbol.

  • Save database (File > Save Databse)

The old symbol is now renamed to new symbol.